A lightweight bash script that allows easy mirroring of projects to external git hosts.

Getting started

Simply fork this repository, as it has all the scripts necessary for performing mirrors. You can then add your repositories into the assets/ directory. You will want to store them as such:

> repoA/
    > bitbucket.config
    > github.config
    > gitlab.config
    > someService.config
    > REPO
> repoB/
    > ...
> repoC/
    > ...

Each repositroy is its own directory. The REPO file is expected, and will contain only one variable, SOURCE. The source variable is used for retrieving the repository from the original source location. For each site, you can then create a <site>.config file that contains the following variables:

|Name|Description| ||| |MIRROR_NAME|The name of the host site| |MIRROR_SSH|The ssh url of the git repository.| |MIRROR_HTTP|The http url of the git repository.|

You can see an example github.config file presented below: