Docker image for PSScriptAnalyzer

PSScriptAnalyzer is a static code checker for Windows PowerShell modules and scripts. PSScriptAnalyzer checks the quality of Windows PowerShell code by running a set of rules. The rules are based on PowerShell best practices identified by PowerShell Team and the community. It generates DiagnosticResults (errors and warnings) to inform users about potential code defects and suggests possible solutions for improvements.

You can see the cli reference here.


You can run awscli to manage your AWS services.

aws iam list-users
aws s3 cp /tmp/foo/ s3://bucket/ --recursive --exclude "*" --include "*.jpg"
aws sts assume-role --role-arn arn:aws:iam::123456789012:role/xaccounts3access --role-session-name s3-access-example

Pull latest image

docker pull cardboardci/psscriptanalyzer

Test interactively

docker run -it cardboardci/psscriptanalyzer pwsh

Test interactively with Bash

docker run -it cardboardci/psscriptanalyzer bash

Emit version table

docker run -it cardboardci/psscriptanalyzer pwsh -Command '$PSVersionTable'

Emit versions of installed modules

docker run -it cardboardci/psscriptanalyzer pwsh -Command 'Get-InstalledModule'

Run format invocation

docker run -it -v "$(pwd)":/workspace cardboardci/psscriptanalyzer pwsh -Command 'Invoke-Formatter -ScriptDefinition (Get-Content -Path 'File.ps1' -Raw)'

Continuous Integration Services

For each of the following services, you can see an example of this image in that environment:

Tagging Strategy

Every new release of the image includes three tags: version, date and latest. These tags can be described as such:

  • latest: The most-recently released version of an image. (cardboardci/psscriptanalyzer:latest)
  • <version>: The most-recently released version of an image for that version of the tool. (cardboardci/psscriptanalyzer:1.0.0)
  • <version-date>: The version of the tool released on a specific date (cardboarci/awscli:1.0.0-20190101)

We recommend using the digest for the docker image, or pinning to the version-date tag. If you are unsure how to get the digest, you can retrieve it for any image with the following command:

docker pull cardboardci/psscriptanalyzer:latest
docker inspect --format='{{index .RepoDigests 0}}' cardboardci/psscriptanalyzer:latest


All images in the CardboardCI namespace are built from cardboardci/ci-core. This image ensures that the base environment for every image is always up to date. The common base image provides dependencies that are often used building and deploying software.

By having a common base, it means that each image is able to focus on providing the optimal tooling for each development workflow.