GitHub Learning Lab - Lab Starter

Noticed this when working with GitHub Actions that you can have a automated ‘teacher’ by using linting + GitHub Bot. Thought this was an interesting idea, and have started this repository to get a better understanding of how this actually works.

With GitHub now having its own CI/CD Pipeline, it may be possible to create all sorts of tutorials for setting up applications. The first one that comes to mind is gamedev with something like Godot. Since a written tutorial is more static, this would allow a learner to follow a structure process for writing their own game, while having step by step linting to ensure that nothing went off the guard-rails.

Potential concern would be how the linting would handle a learner that introduced unexpected aspects to the code itself. For example, if the code is testing the output from the program, what if something like Console.WriteLine("mydebuggingcode") is present, would that be a failure? How should that best be handled? Etc.