Cuelang with SchemaGen

Experimenting with using Cuelang for the purposes of representing a schema, then generating associated files from the original source of truth


  • Schema validation is nice, the base case is straightforward
  • Combining data with this allows for connecting enum/datasets
  • What about stubbing of datasets (e.g. restrict this to ‘Dataset’ that isn’t locally defined?)
  • Text templating isn’t really what I want to do with this kind of tool
  • Seems like I need to write more “representation/composition” than I originally hoped
  • Doesn’t seem to support the kind of “intentions” workflow I was hoping for

This isn’t handling the case I’m interested in with schema validation & generation. Although it provides a lot of the base essentials out of the box, I’m looking more for a cross between schema+terraform. A system that allows the tracking of version drift, and reconcilation as part of its design.

Clarifying my exact intended use case is probably a better direction than fiddlign with this more.