State Machine for Confirmation Dialog

Running through the workshop example of Build A Confirmation Modal in React with State Machines


  • In principal, like the idea of representation this kinds of logic “Flows”
  • Usage of strings for state is less than ideal, almost would want it to be objects
  • Pattern of constructing a “flow” then making use of the “flow”
  • Potential opportunities with systems like codegen
  • Possible ideas for test evaluation with the states
  • Not sure about this library, needs opportunities for isolation
  • Feels like it doesn’t fit with the View -> ViewModel -> Model concept I was thinking of for State Machines
  • The ‘dispatcher’ works similar to what a wrapper over “Modal” would have, what benefits does it bring?
  • Consider looking into eventing systems instead, they seem to better encapsulate this idea without strictness of the “machine structure”
  • Maybe this could work better when combined with message passing + code generation?