Friending is an online dating, friendship, and social networking mobile application that features user-created questionnaires. Friending has two primary features: joining groups to find people similar to you or signing up for events happening in your local area. Friending is a prototype built with the application prototyping tool.

The Friending prototype was built as part of a requirements specification project. The project focused on the development of a user manual around a fictional matchmaking application called Friending. The application centered around user-created questionnaires that could be used to find relationship matches. The user manual was designed with the goal of deceiving the reader into believing that the application existed. A project vision document and set of user requirements guided the development of scenarios and use cases for the application. The fully-interactive high-fidelity prototype created for the requirements specification project is provided in this repository, available as a standalone HTML page.


The Friending user manual provides info and tips to help you understand the mobile application. The requirements specification project involved the creation of a user manual for the fictional mobile application Friending. The Friending prototype is the actualization of a user vision and set of requirements to construct a matchmaking application. The vision and requirements were used to develop the expected behaviour of the prototype, although not all requirements were actualized into the interactive prototype. The prototype merely needed to present a faithful representation of the original vision.