Bazel Golang Inline Analyzer

Experimenting with having analyzers locally defined to a repository, rather than externally defined.


  • Requires using go_tool_library instead of go_library due to a dependency change issue (must also use go_tool_library of deps)
  • Baked natively into nogo, so it can be pretty straightforward to test
  • Names of types aren’t as simple as package.Type, but instead include other components (using HasSuffix) (What options are there?)
  • Change in ‘internal/cobrago/storage.go@ListFilesInStorage’ can be removed as a test case for the errors
  • The tools/ directory probably isn’t the best path. Want something that we can spin-out/externalize as these evolve with the code

Overall this is a pretty good way to start prototyping mechanisms for code analysis that is right next to the code, which can then later be spun out into their own generic analyzers. As it runs automatically with nogo, there is a natural way of enabling an analyzer in a tiered manner (warning => error).

What would be necessary to get these setup in as lightweight as possible way to ensure very simple constraints? E.g. Don't use 'XYZ' type while in 'ABC' module. The main goal of having these would be essentially creating ‘Tests’ for the code to ensure that code is being built in a manner idiomatic to the codebase.