AWSS3 & AWS Cognito

Fiddling with AWS S3 Websites leveraging AWS Cognito for authentication

Terraform is based on the tutorial and the public repository:


  • This approach isn’t really something I think is great
  • The lack of ease configuration for Lambdas, and the need to either embed configuration in the lambda zip, or through AWS SSM is not ideal
  • Either a single monolith terraform module, or split between multiple. Adds a lot of overhead which is less than ideal
  • AWS S3 just doesn’t feel like a good source for storing the S3 artifacts - requires bucket policy + “public” - Don’t like
  • Seems more preferable to have something like K8s + Nginx pod - Management of secrets/dns/etc can be externalized then
  • Docker images gives the opportunity to sign with something like cosign, ability to “extend” with URL rewrites/etc through nginx itself
  • Authentication can be fronted as part of existing K8s services used by backends
  • Entire system can be validated with a local installation of K8s
  • Alternative caching layers seem more ideal (e.g. Cloudflare pages / etc), thing that can go infront of the primary service
  • Could a k8s-ingress served entity just synchronize with other CDNs?
  • Cloudfront “deploying” wait times are kind of in the way for rapid changes (exists in k8s with pods, but cloudfront just feels slower?)

Overall not really liking this approach, as it doesn’t simplify the system as much as I was hoping it would.