React Webpack with Rust WebAssembly

Fiddling around with an opinionated example for Webpack builds with WebAssembly.

Source code for fractal is based on, and the repository templated by


  • WASM Build works pretty well with rust
  • Rust is a solid option for getting webassembly integrated
  • Golang was considered, but previous experiments weren’t as desired
  • Makefile as an entrypoint is preferrable than using yarn ...
  • Embedding the generated packages within the front (e.g. under pkg/) allows for local refs
  • When does the build perform certain targets? E.g. resolution of paths vs copying of static files?
  • Searching for options of individual target execution didn’t yield much (using wrong search terms?)
  • Webpacks plugin model isn’t really the desired execution model, prefer graph-driven like buck/bazel
  • Webpack plugin dumping the files just by directory path isn’t ideal, would prefer to ref (e.g. //pkg/fractal)
  • Loading WebAssembly requires a bit of pre-amble, could probably be made into a <project>-commons for UIs responsible for loading it
  • Usages of them are pretty nice, opportunities for generated API/Schemas/State Machines/State Models

I’m not sure on this one. I get the benefits that come with the webpack ecosystem, but had multiple issues with the way its goes about it in comparison to patterns like Bazel/Buck. I like this pattern more for combining various languages to create the final result, such as having a rust library for certain functions or components. Splitting it away from the frontend makes it so they can be designed in more of a “unit-test” way. Possible options might be to encode a state machine within one of these libraries, then have the web interface act on this, like a View => ViewModel => {Model} where the ViewModel performs queries into the state machine {Model}.